Hi! My name is Taylor and I’m a 3rd year student at the University of Waterloo. My program is Arts and Business in which we learn about business strategies, ethics, communication, etc. The Arts part of Arts and Business allows us to major in an arts program. I chose Social Development studies, which includes social work, community organization, and other humanities. The mix of Arts and Business creates a good balance between my passion (helping people) and how to use it in the real world.

I am a proud member of Essex County, specifically Leamington, ON. I believe in pacifism and have a deep love for music and community.

I am a people person! I love to create meaningful relationships and I enjoy making people happy. I hope to use these characteristics to explore a career in health administration.


Here’s what my past employers have to say about me!

“A problem solver and a dedicated team member, it is actually quite striking how swiftly she was able to become embedded in our organizational structure. This is a testament to her adaptability and commitment to the goals at hand.” – Judith Taylor, Capacity Team Lead, Ministry of Education

“Taylor has excellent communication and interpersonal skills as she interacts with residents, staff, volunteers, and resident family members. She is a team player , yet works effectively as an individual when needed” – Linda Tiessen, Administrator, Leamington Mennonite Home and Apartments

“Ms. Neufeld is adaptable, dependable and has a commendable tolerance for ambiguity in our fast-paced learning environment. She is also calm and dependable, even in stressful work situations” – Judy Kokis, Research Team Lead, Ministry of Education

“Taylor  worked with me over the summer of 2013 on several digital publishing projects where she served  as fact checker, researcher, data inputter and last but not least my teacher. Taylor was a “digital native” and I a “digital immigrant” and we spent many hours together creating a resource using a tool which came easily to Taylor and not so easily to me.  It was in this  context I experienced her enormous patience and kindness and her effortless intelligence. She learns and teaches with a great deal of grace and is comfortable receiving and giving constructive feedback. She works in complete autonomy until a job is done. Her judgment and work ethic are equally outstanding.” – Heather Berkeley, Publications Coordinator, Ministry of Education